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The 190D Doppler flow probe

The Precision Flow 190D sensor probe is a self contained clamp on Doppler flowmeter designed for liquid flow measurement applications, in particular where dirty or aerated waste water flow conditions prevail and any invasion of the piping system could cause inline meters problems. It is also a very economical solution to flow measurement in larger pipe applications.

Precision Flow’s experience in ultrasonic technology ensures that the 190D is a high precision instrument, which can be configured and operational within minutes.


● A cost effective clamp-on non–invasive   Doppler flowmeter. 

● Voltage and frequency outputs.

● 15 or 24 Volt operation.

● Signal strength output option.

● Easily connected to most display systems.

● Measure flow rate within a pipe  without cutting the pipe.

● Latest  signal detection system.

●  Easy to attach, matrix array, single clamp-on sensor.

● Zero head loss results in improved pumping efficiency.




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