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Hire a clamp-on flow meter.

Hire a Precision Flow 190PD, 190F or 190FD for clean fluid and dirty fluid applications. A heatmeter version is available for energy monitoring.

Please contact Precision Flow for details.

Special day rates are available depending on availability.

Hire a Coriolis flow meter.

If you application is not  suitable for a clamp on flow meter we can also offer the hire of an inline  Coriolis flow meter. Please contact Precision Flow for details.

Hire a low flow electromagnetic flowmeter.

If you have a very low flow small pipe application we have ceramic lined small bore magflow electromagnetic flowmeters available to hire or to buy at very competitive prices. Please contact Precision Flow for details.

Commission a flow survey

Our experienced technical staff are available to carry out flow surveys for you 

please contact us to discuss your requirements. 




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