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Precision Flow Ltd case studies

Industry: HVAC
Project: Woolman Research Building
Consultant: Precision Flow
Main Contractor: Butler Pipe Fitting Services


The Woolman Research Building has a complex chilled water system and boiler. These have been heavily modified to assist in the heating of and cooling of experiments. Butler Pipe Fitting Services were brought in to decommission parts of the system and balance the remaining system. Butler Pipe Fitting Services consulted Precision Flow Ltd. Precision Flow Ltd recommended the hire of a Precision Flow 190P LT clamp on transit time flowmeter. This allowed Mike from Butler Pipe Fitting Services to quickly analyse the flow rates in the system. As the 190P is non intrusive a transit time clamp on ultrasonic flow meter there was no need to shut the system down to install ultrasonic flow meters. This allowed research work to continue in the building.

 The Precision flow clamp on ultrasonic flow meter includes an on board data logger which was used to store flow rates over a number of weeks. As the clamp on 190P flowmeter is easily configured it was easily moved from pipe to pipe as a wide range of pipe sizes were used throughout the building. 

Mike from Butler Pipe Fitting Services was very impressed by the simplicity, accuracy, and ease of use of the Precision Flow 190P LT clamp on meter. 

"It was so simple to use I did not need to read the manual"

 Butler Pipe Fitting Services have since bought their own Precision Flow 190P.

Industry: HVAC
Project: Pump efficiency
Consultant: Precision Flow  
Main Contractor: Butler Pipe Fitting Services



Butler Pipe Fitting Services were bought in to decommission parts of a large heating system and analyse and balance the remaining system.

Data collected using the Precision Flow 190P clamp on ultrasonic flow meter helped reduce energy consumption by 68%.

The system was built without the inclusion of instrumentation, the Precision Flow 190P clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter being portable allowed Butler Pipe Fitting Services to find out what was actually occurring in the system pipe line rather than basing efficiency calculations on tabulated values. 

The introduction of the Climate Change Levy has meant that failure to monitor the use of energy will result in additional costs through taxation on a company’s energy bill. The energy used in the heating ventilation and air conditioning system forms a large part of the energy use and expense of any facility.

 The data collected with the 190P clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters internal data logger identified that even before decommissioning parts of the system, the 40KW pumps were too large for the flow rates required. This meant the pumps were operating at very inefficient flow rates for their performance curves. Once the system was reduce in size this situation was exacerbated.

The pumps were removed and replaced by smaller pumps operating on an efficient part of their performance curves.

Using a clamp on  power analyser it was shown by measuring actual pump flow performance with the precision flow clamp on flow meter and by using this information to optimise a system, power consumption was reduced by 68%.

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Project: Pharmaceutical Production Research
Consultant: Precision Flow
Client: Not disclosed


 Improved and new methods of producing pharmaceutical products were being researched. Difficulties were found using electromagnetic meters and turbine meters to measure flow rates of ultra pure water and de-ionised water. This was due to the lack of lubrication of the fluids, contamination due to the invasive nature of the meters and lack of conductivity of the de-ionised water.

A research scientist approached Precision Flow Ltd. After discussing his application with our engineer  Precision flow recommended the Precision Flow 190P non invasive clamp on transit time ultrasonic flowmeter. This was the ideal flow meter for his research work. The Precision Flow 190P uses clamp on  ultrasonic transducers that clamp to the outside of the pipe removing the possibility of contamination and easing cleaning of the system. Also the Precision Flow 190P clamp on meter works with fluids that have no conductivity.

Being a portable unit he could move the meter around his system with out having to purchase multiple meters.

Industry: Process 
Project: Water use
Consultant: Milan Radic (Representing Precision Flow Ltd)
Client: PK Salads

 Prewashing drum   



Pre-Packaged salads and fruit are triple-washed, first in a light chlorine bath to kill naturally occurring bacteria, and then twice more in chilled water. The produce is then dried and packaged. Organic growers often package on the farm. Water usage around the plant and on the farm has become an important and expensive issue.

Water and electricity consumption in the plant had increased although the tonnage of vegetables being washed had reduced. 

Milan surveyed the plant using a Precision Flow 190P clamp on ultrasonic flow meter monitoring water feed flow into the machines in the plant and comparing them with the expected water usage. After 8 measurements and only 60 minutes work he had identified the high water usage machine as the carrot washing machine. 

 The problem carrot washing machine:

Carrots are put into a feed hopper which feeds them at a constant speed into the washing line. The carrots go up a conveyor into the pre-washer drum, where water is pumped over them as the drum rotates. This removes most of the soil from the carrots. The water used in this part of the washing process is recycled through a filter system then reused. 

The carrots then go from the pre-wash drum to the stone extractor where they pass over a trough of fast flowing water, and the stones being heavier than the carrots sink to the bottom where they are removed. 

By attaching the  Precision Flow 190P clamp on flow meter to the feed pipes of the various sections of the machine he identified a defective flow diverter valve and cut off switch which allowed a pressure booster pump to be on continuously causing clean water to be wasted. Both of these problems would have taken many hours to diagnose without the Precision Flow 190P clamp on ultrasonic  flow meter.





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